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Resort locations are celebrated for their spectacular sunrises, their pristine beaches of brilliant blue waters, and breathtaking beaches. Quiet elegance is the hallmark of each of our properties where tranquillity and exclusivity reign.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has taken old fashion V.I.P and made it exciting with exclusive services dedicated to our guests that include: restaurants, limousines and helicopters, weekly parties, chef services in Villa, and much more.

Discover the finest, most luxurious villas, penthouse & suites at our Caribbean luxury resorts. Resplendent in every detail inclusding the services of a dedicated concierge and cook are dedicated to fulfilling your every whim.
We also have vacation destinations all over the world in over 100 countries.
So if closer to home, or real far away is what you are looking for, give us a call
and we can give you more information on whatever destination you desire.
Europe, South America, Austrailia, Italy, Greece, Japan, China,
The Maldies, Portugal, Spain, and many more!
So what do ya say?........ JUWANNAGETAWAY!

In The Unique Dominican Republic Imagine a place with 1,000 miles of pristine beaches overlooking a crystalline turquoise sea.
A place where the mid-day siesta is still a time-honored tradition and the free-spirited Merengue is the national dance of choice.

Unhurried, unencumbered, and unbelievably liberating from everyday cares and stress. This is the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in the enchanting Dominican Republic – an all-inclusive vacation experience reserved for members only. As a member, your vacation lifestyle includes V.I.P amenities and services at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata and other premier travel spots throughout the world.

Enjoy members-only gourmet restaurants and al fresco buffet dining. Unwind at the private-access beach club with attentive members-only service. Experience live entertainment shows, beach-party extravaganzas, exciting casino nightlife, and so much more reserved for V.I.P’s alone. Add in world-class golf, water sports, and endless island adventures…this is the lifestyle you deserve.